Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First (and hopefully last) Hospital visit and 8th month birthday

On Sunday, we had our first high temp, hospital dash, late night, scary episode.
Thank goodness our little baba seems to be getting back on track, but perhaps I should have delved into my instincts more. We had initially put it all down to teething. He was cranky, hot and wouldn’t eat his food. His temp was high, but everyone kept saying that it was normal when a tooth is pushing though. The cold he had had the week before (from the first tooth poking though) had developed into a cough too, but again I was told this was normal and to keep an eye on it, but it was a result of the snotty nose, nasal drip and teething. But after a week and a half the cough was still there and the energy was gone from our little man.

On Sunday morning it hit an all time low. The poor little guy just couldn’t get it across to us that he was sore. Despite the constant moaning(and I mean, mind numbing, ongoing, drive you crazy kind of moaning) we continued to listen to advice that it would pass once the tooth came out. My partner was the first to say he couldn’t believe it was just a tooth. By Sunday afternoon we checked his temp, it was 39, and he was frowning a lot. By 9pm we were too worried to leave it, and as first time parents we felt nothing taking him to the hospital on a Sunday night. And I am so glad we went. His temperature had spiked to 39.9. Although the doctors weren’t worried! They got his tamp down to 38 by giving him a cool bath and some medicine, as well as blowing a fan all over his naked body. It was a sad site. This tiny little thing, lying on a bed, desperate to sleep but not being able to due to bright lights and nurses prodding and poking him every 15 minutes. He had a chest, throat and ear infection! So he must have been in a lot of pain. We were given medication and sent home feeling like responsible parents.

Once home, I put the sleeper couch down in his room as I was going to sleep in there with him. I had him in a nappy and covered him with a cool sheet. All was well until he vomited all over the blanket. Now I was worried. Temperature I could deal with now that I knew what to do, vomiting and a temperature, I wasn’t comfortable with. After another vomit and a spike in temperature back up to 39, I insisted we go back to the hospital. The same doctor looked over him, and was still convinced it was an infection and he would be okay once the temp went down, but I think he could see our “first time parent” faces, so he booked Jett in over night to see the Pediatrician the next morning. When I heard that, I knew I could be able to sleep, albeit in a tiny cot next to Jett, but we were in the right place.

Lying on hospital bed, waiting fro temp to drop.
So Jett and I had a sleep over at Vincent Pallotti, and he received meds every 3 hours. We were discharged the next afternoon, cooler and much happier. Although he is not quite better, he is certainly on the mend. If I learnt anything form this dramatic night, I have learnt now when he is not well and unhappy. I have learnt how to try and get his temp to drop and I have learnt to listen to my partner more and follow my instincts more.
I am sure there will be more episodes than this one, although I am already dreading them, I feel like I can handle them now!