Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3 and a half

Yup. Jett is now Three and a half. I have not written in over two years.
It was mother day last Sunday, so fitting that one of the lat posts I wrote was around mothers day too.

Jett is a talking, walking, playing, spirited, curious child. His favourite thing in the whole world is dinky cars - specifically hot wheels. He is obsessed. he can spend hours playing with them or watching others play with them.

He has a good appetite. He eats a varied foods. He likes his vegetables and his healthy stuff, but is a little into sugary gummy sweets for my liking. Not a fan of Chocolate though? Go figure. He is also not a fan of the go to kid friendly food that would make life a little easier in the kitchen - such as macaroni cheese, spaghetti Bolognese, mince of any kind....so thats a little weird for me. I think he has expensive taste: Salmon being on the top of the list.

He is very funny, and can be a right clown when he wants to be. Makes us laugh a lot. He adores his dogs, especially Bodie. Such a lovely thing that they have such a good bond. He rides a bike now. One with our peddles. He cant reach the floor yet but he is almost there. He can also swim but needs to be supervised as he hasn't learnt the art of lifting his head up to breath! Quite an important factor I agree. But he is on his way. We have started going camping a bit too which is a lot of fun. So nice when there are a few kids running around bare foot exploring the camp site. Hoping we can go with his cousins soon.

Its been tough, Im not going to lie. I stopped working at the end of 2015 and I am home with him full time. He goes to school from 9 until 12 Monday to Thursday, but I don't seem to be able to get myself together still. I have been feeling very lost and out of the loop this year, and don't really see much way out of that until I have more time to think about it. Don't get me wrong. I am spoilt to be able to be home with him every day. I would be the envy of a lot of mothers. However, there is a
also this sense of loss of identity, and a slight resentment which I need to watch. I don't want to look back at this time and wish I had done more or something differently.  The amount of time we as parents are told about the time going so fast and be in the moment etc. I get it. I really do. But i do look at some working mothers and think they look so much more energetic and for filled than I feel. Because they are doing it all! They are being a mother and a wife and they are also working and bringing in their own money. Oh how I miss making my own money. Thats a big one. Something I have really had to learn to deal with, and I still don't. SO I am on a mission now to find something that fits in with my day and "spare time" to bring in a few extra bucks that I can use for girly things. Watch this space, Ill let you know what I end up doing. Mission "get myself back in to action" is on the cards....

Here are a few pics to show you how grown he is.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First (and hopefully last) Hospital visit and 8th month birthday

On Sunday, we had our first high temp, hospital dash, late night, scary episode.
Thank goodness our little baba seems to be getting back on track, but perhaps I should have delved into my instincts more. We had initially put it all down to teething. He was cranky, hot and wouldn’t eat his food. His temp was high, but everyone kept saying that it was normal when a tooth is pushing though. The cold he had had the week before (from the first tooth poking though) had developed into a cough too, but again I was told this was normal and to keep an eye on it, but it was a result of the snotty nose, nasal drip and teething. But after a week and a half the cough was still there and the energy was gone from our little man.

On Sunday morning it hit an all time low. The poor little guy just couldn’t get it across to us that he was sore. Despite the constant moaning(and I mean, mind numbing, ongoing, drive you crazy kind of moaning) we continued to listen to advice that it would pass once the tooth came out. My partner was the first to say he couldn’t believe it was just a tooth. By Sunday afternoon we checked his temp, it was 39, and he was frowning a lot. By 9pm we were too worried to leave it, and as first time parents we felt nothing taking him to the hospital on a Sunday night. And I am so glad we went. His temperature had spiked to 39.9. Although the doctors weren’t worried! They got his tamp down to 38 by giving him a cool bath and some medicine, as well as blowing a fan all over his naked body. It was a sad site. This tiny little thing, lying on a bed, desperate to sleep but not being able to due to bright lights and nurses prodding and poking him every 15 minutes. He had a chest, throat and ear infection! So he must have been in a lot of pain. We were given medication and sent home feeling like responsible parents.

Once home, I put the sleeper couch down in his room as I was going to sleep in there with him. I had him in a nappy and covered him with a cool sheet. All was well until he vomited all over the blanket. Now I was worried. Temperature I could deal with now that I knew what to do, vomiting and a temperature, I wasn’t comfortable with. After another vomit and a spike in temperature back up to 39, I insisted we go back to the hospital. The same doctor looked over him, and was still convinced it was an infection and he would be okay once the temp went down, but I think he could see our “first time parent” faces, so he booked Jett in over night to see the Pediatrician the next morning. When I heard that, I knew I could be able to sleep, albeit in a tiny cot next to Jett, but we were in the right place.

Lying on hospital bed, waiting fro temp to drop.
So Jett and I had a sleep over at Vincent Pallotti, and he received meds every 3 hours. We were discharged the next afternoon, cooler and much happier. Although he is not quite better, he is certainly on the mend. If I learnt anything form this dramatic night, I have learnt now when he is not well and unhappy. I have learnt how to try and get his temp to drop and I have learnt to listen to my partner more and follow my instincts more.
I am sure there will be more episodes than this one, although I am already dreading them, I feel like I can handle them now! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

7 and a half months

SO Mr Jett has just reached the 7.5 month mark. Still no sign of any teeth but that doesn't stop him drooling and gumming everything in site. He is however learning to pull himself up to a standing position on the side of his cot or the couch. He is also crawling, across the room, using his head as limb.
He has yet to master the art of using his hands. But he is getting there.
We love him more every day and cannot believe he is ours!

He has started to get very chatty and loves to go out and about and see new people. We took him to a resturant the other night, and he was so well behaved. Really was such a pleasure, hoping that lasts! We  have always said we would treat restaurants as a special occasion, and the Spur will not be part of our "treats" as it is not what it used to be (we say this now?!)  We really want it to be like it was when we were little. Getting excited to go out with your parents, getting dressed up and going to a resturant, being polite and respectful to the waterers and not using the establishment as a play ground while the parents get drunk.

Anyways, I had my first mothers day this last Sunday. What a special day. We went on our morning walk and then in the afternoon Jett and I went to the Green Point Park with my mum and brother. It was so nice to spend quality time with them.
Here are a few pics of the little guy as he is getting SO big now.

My mothers day gifts

Busy Sunday

Mothers day at the park

Mothers day in the park

Monday, March 3, 2014

Its been way to long since I last wrote and now I am only writing for myself I think and maybe for Jett when he is older. He turned 5 months old on Saturday. The days have blurred into one and it feels like yesterday that I was waddling around with him safely in my belly. Now he is in the world I cannot protect him as much as I could when I was pregnant and I have to take what comes.

He is gorgeous. He is smiley, cute and cuddly and so far as I can see a dream baby. No he doesn't sleep through the night, yes I am exhausted. He wakes once at night to feed and then lately (in the last week or so, he has started to wake ever hour fro 2pm crying out like he is either in pain or having a bad dream. I hope in fact he is teething! Then at least I can help him. I hate the thought that a 5 month old can have a nightmare? About what!

ANyways here are a few pics so you can see just how cute he is.
I love being his mother. I love how tactile he has become and I love taking him out on his walks as he looks at everything now.
I wish I wasn't so tired. I wish I could be 100% there when I am with him instead of half asleep.
I wish time would slow down,but I also wish it would speed up (to where he sleeps all night so that we can too)
I wish I earned more money so that I could do more with him. And I hope he is okay at home with the nanny all day,

Anyway just rambling today as I was thinking about this blog and what to do with it…..

Monday, December 2, 2013

The birth

I apologise for the MASSIVE delay. But of course looking after a tiny child for the first time ever is overwhelming and time consuming and amazing and and and and.
So I will start again now that the fuzz as begun to subside. Here is the start. The birth story. And I will continue to write and post pics long after everyone has stopped reading as I love looking back over the posts and seeing my belly grow. So it will be a record for me if nothing else.

Smily baby (picture from Edith)

Sleeping soundly

naps with dad

chubby face

hearts from mum (Photo from Julia Grey)

First bath with dad
The Birth

There is a chance I may come across smug in the next few paragraphs. I don’t mean too. Billions of women before me have done it and billions of women after me will do it, but it is probably the biggest athletic, most adrenalin fueled experience I will ever have. My medal is by gorgeous baby boy Jett, now going on 9 weeks.

A few weeks before he was born, my work colleagues had decided to make a bet on when I was going to give birth, how long it would take, how big the baby would be, if it would be natural or c section and of course the sex.
My guess? 1st of October, 8 hours, 3.8kgs, natural and boy. Must have been a mothers instincts as Jett arrived on the 1st of October, it took 7 hours, natural birth, he was a he, but I was out on the weight however, he was born a whopping 4.3kgs.

It began on Tuesday the 1st of October at 2:30pm. I had just had lunch with my friend Anna, and was walking, no, waddling home via the garage to buy Ricky a coke, when I felt a contraction. At first I thought it was a Braxton Hicks, but a little different. A little na├»ve perhaps? I mean there I was 40 weeks and 3 days over my due date and my first thought wasn’t that I was in labor. The“Braxton Hicks” where shorter than normal, and were happening every 12-15 minutes and getting more and more, for lack of a better word, intense.

Having tried to nap a bit when I got home I eventually gave up on that idea and at about 4pm I went into the lounge where Ricky and his business partner Richard were working and said, “this is it”. Richard ran out the door as fast as he could yelling good luck on his way out. The contractions were now every 8/9 minutes and I defiantly knew they were no longer Braxton Hicks!  I called my Doula and Hypnobirthing coach Lauren, and let her know what was going on. She said to go and have a walk in the park and to call her again in half an hour with an update of how I was doing. So off we went to the park up the road, me having so called mild contractions every 8 minutes. The dogs where non the wiser as to what was going on, so they enjoyed their brief freedom before I decided I wanted to be at home. I called Lauren again and asked her to please come to the house. I was excited now, and felt in control of the contractions, as they were more intense but short and thanks to the Hypnobirthing breathing and positive thinking, I was able to get through each one.

Lauren arrived soon after we got home. Ricky ran around feeding dogs, packing the car and doing all the chores so we would be ready to go the moment it was time to head to the hospital. Lauren sat with me in the lounge and every time a contraction came on I would get on all fours on the yoga matt and she would calmly massage and add pressure to my lower back, encouraging me to breath slowly and evenly. Both Ricky and Lauren made sure I drank my water and ate slices of banana to keep my energy up. I moved the kitchen at some stage, and lent on the counter every time I needed to get through the contraction.  We then decided to call the midwives, (Glynnis and Ciska from Birth Options) and then the hospital, to let them know we would be coming in that night.

It was starting to get dark outside as it was about 6:30pm.
I decided I wanted to go to the hospital. We had intended to stay at home as long as we could, but I had the sudden need to be in the place where I would be giving birth and then I could “relax” and know I wouldn’t have to move again.
So we headed towards the car. Lauren followed us for the 10 minutes drive to Vincent Palloti. It felt like an hours drive! Having contractions in a car is not fun, I am not going to lie. But I made it though. From the time we arrived at the hospital I allowed myself to be walked and directed though the entrance, into the lift (contractions coming ever 4 minutes by this stage) and up to the maternity ward.

It seems we picked a busy night as the labor ward was busy and the maternity ward was full! We were sent to the waiting area of the maternity ward and I knelt on the floor with my head in the couch as I continued to breath though the surges. It was now getting harder and harder to focus, and took all my effort and energy to slow my breathing down and keep it together. And then I needed to push. Right there in the lounge area. Lauren told Ricky to fetch the midwife ASAP. When she arrived I was taken into one of the private rooms to be examined. I have to mention that my eyes were tightly shut at this stage and I didn’t open them again until Jett was out. 

My midwife Glynis examined me and declared that I was fully dilated and I could start to push. The time now was around 8:30am. I was so relived that I could start to push as I had started to think that if I had to go on much more I wouldn’t be able to do it.
And so I pushed, and pushed and pushed. I had Glynnis on my right leg, Ciska holding my left leg, Lauren standing at my left and Ricky standing on my right. I am pretty sure Ricky and Lauren needed new hands the next day as they allowed me to squeeze them so tightly.  With my eyes still closed, I apparently growled like an animal, and kept asking “to get it out!”. And out baba eventually came at 9:40pm. Face up too which can add to the intensity apparently. This tiny,  screaming, wet and wriggly thing was placed on my tummy and the whole thing became a reality. What I had been carrying for nine months was suddenly right there, and it was all worth it.
 We didn’t know what we were having and it took us a while to think to look. I mistook him for a girl for a split second as I couldn’t see around the umbilical cord, but the midwife quickly confirmed it was a boy. He was perfect. He is perfect. And I felt like super women. The adrenaline kicked in big time and I couldn’t stop smiling. After a while, I handed him to Ricky for some skin on skin time while the midwifes fixed me up and I had a shower. Then I was wheeled to the ward where we sat looking at this tiny little, perfect human we had created slept so peacefully and unaware of what was going on around him. When everyone had gone home I just lay there with him and stared. I don’t think I slept a wink all night

With the best team of people around me, I was able to give birth naturally without any pain medication. One of the things Hypnobirthing advises, is to write in your birth plan that you don’t want anyone to mention the word pain. They are not to ask you if you want pain relief or even how you are feeling. And the reason they say this, is that it doesn’t even cross your mind to ask for it when you are in the moment. Yes, you ask to go home and you want it over, but not once did I think to ask for pain relief.

I was proud of myself. I am proud of myself. I feel lucky to have experienced it and seen the extreme limits my body is able to deal with. Its amazing what the body can do. I went for my first run yesterday, 8 and a half weeks after the birth, and I can already see that my willpower is stronger than it was before. If I can give birth naturally, then I can definitely run just that little bit further.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

38.6 weeks. SO basically 39 weeks!


We have just about reached the last week of being a two human family!
Little one is in what the midwife describes as a "perfect position" and I am still text book on track with weight and heartbeat and blood pressure etc... so this child is already a good egg hahahhaa.
She also said it will prob be a few days late, but nothing extreme. That being said it could also arrive tonight! So who knows, that, and not knowing the sex, is what all the excitement it about.

I would prefer the little one to stay in another week at least as we have decide to renovate this week of course! Why wouldn't you. ;) I started my maternity leave on Wednesday and the house is full of builders, banging and cement footprints. I must have the patience of  saint. But to be honest, they are the neatest, most respectful builders I have ever known...and they are working fast and doing a proper job, so I am not complaining at all. I might just need to take full advantage of the hospital stay when stay comes about :)
So we are redoing the bathroom with new tiles and getting rid of any damp, so very necessary. And it will look great when its done. Then in the spare room we are relaying the floor and re-bricking a very old "woodstock" wall which held a lot of damp, so also necessary for baby. Positive positive positive ;)

So baby is fully grown now, all the things that are needed to survive in the outside world are in place and ready. According to the baby website, he/she should be about the size of a small watermelon! sure feels like it! I have been getting very strong and consistent braxton hicks over the last few nights, as the body prepares itself for birth. Very clever..

So here is the latest, pic. Not brilliant, but I am feeling lazy at the moment. haha
38.4 weeks

text book baby position at 39 weeks

small watermelon size

Friday, September 6, 2013

37 weeks!

We have reached what is said to be FULL TERM! If baba arrives anytime from today, it will be fully developed and survive without any assistance from the hospital.
Wowsa it all  just got real! We are still very unprepared. No baby room, no crib and no pre-washed baby clothes hahaha. But Im hoping to get that all sorted this weekend. 

I have 7 more working days from Monday and the end cannot come soon enough. Its not that I don't enjoy work, but that I would rather be doing the above mentioned baby prep!
I went to the midwife yesterday and little one is getting into position perfectly, all ready to go. So it really is imminent....nervous, apprehensive and so excited to find out if its a boy or a girl!
Starting to get super heavy and slow now, but Im managing. Still loving my early morning dog walks and afternoon sneaky naps where possible (mostly on the weekends) I cannot quench my thirst which is an odd one. The more water I drink the thirster I get! Ricky is super excited now, he just wants it out now. He reckons I am gonna have it this weekend hahaha! (hoping I get the last laugh???)

So here is me and bump with +- 3 weeks to go. Its about 3.3 kilos now and has long legs and a chubby tummy. Its the length of a bunch of Swiss Chard and the size of a winter melon...x

37 weeks