Thursday, September 19, 2013

38.6 weeks. SO basically 39 weeks!


We have just about reached the last week of being a two human family!
Little one is in what the midwife describes as a "perfect position" and I am still text book on track with weight and heartbeat and blood pressure etc... so this child is already a good egg hahahhaa.
She also said it will prob be a few days late, but nothing extreme. That being said it could also arrive tonight! So who knows, that, and not knowing the sex, is what all the excitement it about.

I would prefer the little one to stay in another week at least as we have decide to renovate this week of course! Why wouldn't you. ;) I started my maternity leave on Wednesday and the house is full of builders, banging and cement footprints. I must have the patience of  saint. But to be honest, they are the neatest, most respectful builders I have ever known...and they are working fast and doing a proper job, so I am not complaining at all. I might just need to take full advantage of the hospital stay when stay comes about :)
So we are redoing the bathroom with new tiles and getting rid of any damp, so very necessary. And it will look great when its done. Then in the spare room we are relaying the floor and re-bricking a very old "woodstock" wall which held a lot of damp, so also necessary for baby. Positive positive positive ;)

So baby is fully grown now, all the things that are needed to survive in the outside world are in place and ready. According to the baby website, he/she should be about the size of a small watermelon! sure feels like it! I have been getting very strong and consistent braxton hicks over the last few nights, as the body prepares itself for birth. Very clever..

So here is the latest, pic. Not brilliant, but I am feeling lazy at the moment. haha
38.4 weeks

text book baby position at 39 weeks

small watermelon size

Friday, September 6, 2013

37 weeks!

We have reached what is said to be FULL TERM! If baba arrives anytime from today, it will be fully developed and survive without any assistance from the hospital.
Wowsa it all  just got real! We are still very unprepared. No baby room, no crib and no pre-washed baby clothes hahaha. But Im hoping to get that all sorted this weekend. 

I have 7 more working days from Monday and the end cannot come soon enough. Its not that I don't enjoy work, but that I would rather be doing the above mentioned baby prep!
I went to the midwife yesterday and little one is getting into position perfectly, all ready to go. So it really is imminent....nervous, apprehensive and so excited to find out if its a boy or a girl!
Starting to get super heavy and slow now, but Im managing. Still loving my early morning dog walks and afternoon sneaky naps where possible (mostly on the weekends) I cannot quench my thirst which is an odd one. The more water I drink the thirster I get! Ricky is super excited now, he just wants it out now. He reckons I am gonna have it this weekend hahaha! (hoping I get the last laugh???)

So here is me and bump with +- 3 weeks to go. Its about 3.3 kilos now and has long legs and a chubby tummy. Its the length of a bunch of Swiss Chard and the size of a winter melon...x

37 weeks

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Prams and baby showers

Ricky and I have awesome friends and family who have been donating and lending us all the BIG stuff for when baby arrives. We have the crib the cot the pram the bath etc etc...SO last night I decided I would clean the car seat covers and get the pram ready for the arrival as I knew it needed t be done just in case. Sjhoo what a mission putting the cover back on a car seat! I needed instructions, Im not joking it took me about an hour and a half to refit it all and I am still not sure if I have done it properly! Well today Ricky sent me this photo. Out little furry friend has found the clean seat and has decided to make a little nest...if it wasn't so damn cute I would be cross at the idea of having to wash it all over again (she walked in the muddy park this morning, so I know its gonna need another wash!)

Lucy in the car seat
I had such a lovely baby shower this past weekend. Me and bump were super spoilt and the whole day was very special with lots of friends and family. I haven't got pics yet, but will post when I do. Luckily the weather was okay and there were lots and lots of cakes and yummy things to eat. And everyone was so helpful and lovely, I was very overwhelmed and felt very loved.

So we are coming up to 37 weeks on Friday, which is considered FULL TERM!!!! hectic. I have been carrying this little bundle for 37 weeks. Unbelievable. So technically, S/He could arrive at anytime. The average arrival of a first baby is 1.3 weeks past its due date, but Ricky thinks it will come a week early.
I hope that it stays warm and cozy long enough for me to enjoy some of my leave which I am taking from the 17th of September. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! All I wanna do is nest and then sleep and then nest some more and then have a little nap and then eat and nap again hahahaha.

Promise to post 37 week pic on Friday