Sunday, July 21, 2013

30.2 weeks

Hi all!

So I have hit the last 10 weeks. And what a week this has been.
Sadly we had to put our gorgeous girl Layla dog to sleep as she just wash't living a quality of life that made sense anymore. It was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make and we are still devastated. :(
Then on Thursday last week my car got broken in to again in the middle of the night and they broke 2 windows this time, so was super angry and upset about that. Its hard to stay calm in those situations, but I had to try for the babies sake....
But the most exciting news is that Ricky proposed!!! Out of the blue, on Thursday night.
And of course I said yes. After 7 and a half years, it just felt so right and I am so excited to be joining the Lawrence clan. :)

SO here is baby bump at 30 weeks. The heart burn is almost unbearable this week, but its not due to anything in particular as I wake up in the middle of the night with it! Its not pleasant. But the restless legs have died down thank goodness. I was very low in Iron according to the midwife, so I am on Iron supplements, and Ricky has instructed me to eat a spoonful of Molasses every morning and every evening as it is full of magnesium, so the combination seems to have worked. Although I am not keen on Molasses at all! Baba is wiggling nicely and its so funny to watch as my stomach wobbles and moves on its own. Im getting used to it now, so its not so foreign and weird. Ricky is away for 2 weeks now, so me and the pooches are gonna chill and take it easy. We had a super day on Camps Bay beach today, such nice weather for winter....
Oh and baby is the size of a cabbage this week! :) x

Monday, July 8, 2013

28.3 weeks

Mmhhh, Im slack. I did say I would post on friday, but I didn't.

Nothing much has changed since last week to be honest. I still have restless legs and heart burn, for which I have removed my evening cup of Milo to see if this has a bit sadly.
i have fun in the evenings after dinner watching my bellie move and wobble as baba has a wiggle around in appreciation of being fed. Its very cute and alien at the same time.
S/he is the size of an egg plant this week, which I find a bit misleading as the ones in Pick and pay are HUGE and the ones at Woolies are small? Not sure I am into this whole size of a fruit and veg thing anymore.....

I met with Mum and Dori this weekend to discuss the baby shower which is exciting. Its going to be on the 31st of August, so a month before due date. I hope the weather is nice.
So here is bump in front of the bedroom window and the new sleeper couch (for all the visitors) as well as the egg plant. And because I love her and she is getting old, my precious Layla having a mid day nap on our bed surrounded by the L shaped cushion I am supposed to use when I sleep.....

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

mid week post (27.5 weeks)


I have been a bit sick this week, so very low on energy, therefore lack of posts. Its just a head cold, but its knocked me out a bit and work is busy as the boss lady is away, so all round useless week on the social front.
I am planning an early night tonight with lots of hot tea and a hot water bottle and some "The Good Wife" series on my lap top. Hoping that will cure it.
The baby is good though. Loves a kick and a wiggle. And now we can actually see the movements just by looking and not just by feeling anymore. Its crazy weird to watch my whole belly wobble on its own hahaha. Very cute. And I am sure Bodie (The big white dog) knows something is up, he keeps giving me big cuddles and sitting with his head on my lap.
The weather is cold at the moment, so makes it super hard to get up and walk the pooches in the morning, but there is no rain at the moment which is nice. Just sunny cold days. Perfect winter Cape Town, I hope it lasts.

I promise to post a bellie shot on Friday when we hit the third and final trimester. 28 weeks!
Still no baby room, but I am happy to have the little one in the room with us for a few weeks to begin with due to the cooler weather. So not stressing about it at all. In fact, I think we should start to stress a bit, we haven't done anything! Guess it will all fit together in the end. Lots of love xxx