Friday, May 31, 2013

Here comes the bump! 23 weeks....

Hi peeps.

Today we have reached 23 weeks. So over halfway already. Im feeling good, and baba is kicking and wiggling away. (normally when I want to have a nap or am trying to go to sleep at night - so i am getting good practice at being awake!)
Ricky and I went to our first Hypnobirthing class on Wednesday night. It went really well and I think we are both happy with the decision to go "natural". Ricky even watched his first birth video, which happened to be a water birth and now we are discussing this option (as they have a birthing bath at the hospital we are booked into) as it looked so peaceful and relaxing. It was nice to meet some other couples who are going to go with the same option, although both the other couples are having their babies at home! Not sure if i am keen with that idea, the hospital feels right to me.

We are going to have our 23 week scan on Monday. Apparently if there is a scan you should have while pregnant, this is the one! It can take up to an hour and they measure and check every part of the baby to make sure it is growing and all its organs are in good shape. Plus they make a DVD of the scan which you can take home which is pretty cool. We can also see the sex which we still don't want to find out, so we will have to turn around when that happens.
And then after this scan, we move onto the Midwife option and not the Gynea anymore. We have our first appointment with her in a few weeks time.

Have a nice weekend everyone, and for all the Cape Townians, its gonna be a stormy weekend so wrap up walk...

So here are the latest pics of the bump:

Baby is the size of a grapefruit

Monday, May 27, 2013

The office decided to decorate my belly today as a joke, so I thought I would post them as its quite cute really. Have a super Monday!

Friday, May 24, 2013

22 weeks today

Hi everyone, 

This week the baba is the size of a Papaya. I had a look at the papayas in pick n pay on Wednesday and    its a pretty big fruit! Its weird to think that he/she is growing so big already. But its definetly growing! 
I feel huge this week, and the baby is super active kicking and swimming around. Nice to feel though (as I am getting used to it now) as it reassures me everything is well. 

It looks like Ricky may have found new office space near the house, so I will finally be able to get my hands on the spare room and start putting everything in order. I know theres still a few months to go, but it really is going so fast! I still can't believe I am over half way already?! Its getting very wintery here, so it will be nice to have an evening project to work on as I don't feel like going out much. Saying  that, I have been forcing myself to be social as I know I will have limited time to go out once baby is here. Plus now I have a belly, I wanna show it off hahaha. And people are so kind and understanding when I want to leave early or need to sit down all the time. We went to Madam Zimgara on Tuesday night for Gosias birthday. It was amazing! But both Gosh and I (she is having twin girls in August) were both finished by the end of it as it goes on quite late. 

Anyway, here are the pics of the belly this week. I managed to get Ricky to get involved as you will see. This weekend will be mellow. I have my preggie bellies exercise class on Saturday morning, but then no other plans which is nice. Hope you all have a lovely weekend too xxx

Getting nervous much?

22 weeks


Monday, May 20, 2013

Just thought I would add this pic as its super cute. 
I have been so lucky to have been offered to many goodies for when baba arrives that I think I am all sorted! I am so excited to start on the baby room and begin nesting. I have been very patient and just storing all the bits and pieces in the cupboard until I have the space to sort it all out. But It looks like Ricky has found office space not far from the house, so they are potentially moving at the end of the month. So June and July will be nesting time! 

Mum and I are going to go material shopping soon to get some green material for curtains, and the rocking chair. And then I can paint the cot (which Monique and Richard are letting us borrow), the book shelves and the baby changing table. 

All i need to get it a big rug or carpet to make the room a little warmer. Shoooo but I am getting very excited now. It does help that I am feeling strong and healthy and not having too many issues as of yet. I got knocked back my heart burn last week, but brought some gaviscon and that seems to have done the trick. I am going to my preggie bellies gym class twice a week and yoga once a week. I would like to swim more, but its getting colder and a lot harder to think of swimming I have to say. 

Anyway, enough jabber from me. I'll post a 22 week belly on Friday, so you can see how I am growing. xxx

The Luce

Monday, May 13, 2013

20 week scan pics

So here he/she is! Grown so much since the last scan.
Apparently I still have to go for a fatal assessment in 3 weeks to do a proper check. So more pics then too. We are all on track and still text book healthy. My weight is as it should be and baba is growing perfectly. We got to hear the heart beat which is pretty amazing and saw him/her yawn which was super cute! We weren't able to get a good 3D pic because baby didn't want his/her photo taken. The doctor didn't take a full body picture either as he was worried we would be able to see "something down there"  if there was anything and as we don't want to know the sex until birth, so we had to avoid that area. hahahaha

So here is the little jelly bean. Its about the length of a banana, so pretty big already. xxx

Got a cute nose! 

20 weeks and 3 day

Hey everyone,

So we have hit the half way mark! 4 and a half months to go now...
We are off to our 20 week scan this afternoon so I will be able to post pics of the little thing this evening. I started an aerobics and toning class last week called Preggie bellies which is good fun, and will hopefully help me get strong for the big day.  We dance around on a Pilates ball to loud music and must look very funny to anyone walking past the room. There was even a lady there who is having her baby today, which is pretty impressive that she is still doing exercise right up until 2 days before. I hope I can be like that (although I am pretty sure Ricky won't let me be any different hahaha) And I have defiantly POPPED! Although I am still quite small it is apparently because I am tall. I can no longer lie on my stomach (which is how I normally sleep), but I that's all part of the parcel I suppose.
Still loving all things meat and mustard :) Although I am trying not to eat it every day. Loving baked potatoes too! Heartburn has shown its face so all things bubbles are out the window as well as olives and tomatoes.

Okay so check again later and I will have put the baby scan pics up for you to see!
Have a lovely monday

20 weeks and 3 days

Friday, May 3, 2013

19 weeks!

Wowsa 19 weeks already. Its going to fast.
I had the best birthday celebrating my friends Gosia and Gregs wedding, and I ate SO much. And not all good for me, sorry baby. But it was delicious....chocolate, cheese a sneaky glass of wine AND coffee....back on track now I promise.

And the cool thing is, I can feel the little pup moving now. He/she has started to make itself known. Normally in the morning, around lunch time and in the evening when I am parked on the couch I can feel it. Ricky can't feel yet as its still set too far back (my bump is still not very prominent dispute what the picture shows), but in the next few weeks I am sure he will be able too.

So here is pic of bump week 19. Lots of love xxx
19 weeks

The size of a small mango