Monday, December 2, 2013

The birth

I apologise for the MASSIVE delay. But of course looking after a tiny child for the first time ever is overwhelming and time consuming and amazing and and and and.
So I will start again now that the fuzz as begun to subside. Here is the start. The birth story. And I will continue to write and post pics long after everyone has stopped reading as I love looking back over the posts and seeing my belly grow. So it will be a record for me if nothing else.

Smily baby (picture from Edith)

Sleeping soundly

naps with dad

chubby face

hearts from mum (Photo from Julia Grey)

First bath with dad
The Birth

There is a chance I may come across smug in the next few paragraphs. I don’t mean too. Billions of women before me have done it and billions of women after me will do it, but it is probably the biggest athletic, most adrenalin fueled experience I will ever have. My medal is by gorgeous baby boy Jett, now going on 9 weeks.

A few weeks before he was born, my work colleagues had decided to make a bet on when I was going to give birth, how long it would take, how big the baby would be, if it would be natural or c section and of course the sex.
My guess? 1st of October, 8 hours, 3.8kgs, natural and boy. Must have been a mothers instincts as Jett arrived on the 1st of October, it took 7 hours, natural birth, he was a he, but I was out on the weight however, he was born a whopping 4.3kgs.

It began on Tuesday the 1st of October at 2:30pm. I had just had lunch with my friend Anna, and was walking, no, waddling home via the garage to buy Ricky a coke, when I felt a contraction. At first I thought it was a Braxton Hicks, but a little different. A little na├»ve perhaps? I mean there I was 40 weeks and 3 days over my due date and my first thought wasn’t that I was in labor. The“Braxton Hicks” where shorter than normal, and were happening every 12-15 minutes and getting more and more, for lack of a better word, intense.

Having tried to nap a bit when I got home I eventually gave up on that idea and at about 4pm I went into the lounge where Ricky and his business partner Richard were working and said, “this is it”. Richard ran out the door as fast as he could yelling good luck on his way out. The contractions were now every 8/9 minutes and I defiantly knew they were no longer Braxton Hicks!  I called my Doula and Hypnobirthing coach Lauren, and let her know what was going on. She said to go and have a walk in the park and to call her again in half an hour with an update of how I was doing. So off we went to the park up the road, me having so called mild contractions every 8 minutes. The dogs where non the wiser as to what was going on, so they enjoyed their brief freedom before I decided I wanted to be at home. I called Lauren again and asked her to please come to the house. I was excited now, and felt in control of the contractions, as they were more intense but short and thanks to the Hypnobirthing breathing and positive thinking, I was able to get through each one.

Lauren arrived soon after we got home. Ricky ran around feeding dogs, packing the car and doing all the chores so we would be ready to go the moment it was time to head to the hospital. Lauren sat with me in the lounge and every time a contraction came on I would get on all fours on the yoga matt and she would calmly massage and add pressure to my lower back, encouraging me to breath slowly and evenly. Both Ricky and Lauren made sure I drank my water and ate slices of banana to keep my energy up. I moved the kitchen at some stage, and lent on the counter every time I needed to get through the contraction.  We then decided to call the midwives, (Glynnis and Ciska from Birth Options) and then the hospital, to let them know we would be coming in that night.

It was starting to get dark outside as it was about 6:30pm.
I decided I wanted to go to the hospital. We had intended to stay at home as long as we could, but I had the sudden need to be in the place where I would be giving birth and then I could “relax” and know I wouldn’t have to move again.
So we headed towards the car. Lauren followed us for the 10 minutes drive to Vincent Palloti. It felt like an hours drive! Having contractions in a car is not fun, I am not going to lie. But I made it though. From the time we arrived at the hospital I allowed myself to be walked and directed though the entrance, into the lift (contractions coming ever 4 minutes by this stage) and up to the maternity ward.

It seems we picked a busy night as the labor ward was busy and the maternity ward was full! We were sent to the waiting area of the maternity ward and I knelt on the floor with my head in the couch as I continued to breath though the surges. It was now getting harder and harder to focus, and took all my effort and energy to slow my breathing down and keep it together. And then I needed to push. Right there in the lounge area. Lauren told Ricky to fetch the midwife ASAP. When she arrived I was taken into one of the private rooms to be examined. I have to mention that my eyes were tightly shut at this stage and I didn’t open them again until Jett was out. 

My midwife Glynis examined me and declared that I was fully dilated and I could start to push. The time now was around 8:30am. I was so relived that I could start to push as I had started to think that if I had to go on much more I wouldn’t be able to do it.
And so I pushed, and pushed and pushed. I had Glynnis on my right leg, Ciska holding my left leg, Lauren standing at my left and Ricky standing on my right. I am pretty sure Ricky and Lauren needed new hands the next day as they allowed me to squeeze them so tightly.  With my eyes still closed, I apparently growled like an animal, and kept asking “to get it out!”. And out baba eventually came at 9:40pm. Face up too which can add to the intensity apparently. This tiny,  screaming, wet and wriggly thing was placed on my tummy and the whole thing became a reality. What I had been carrying for nine months was suddenly right there, and it was all worth it.
 We didn’t know what we were having and it took us a while to think to look. I mistook him for a girl for a split second as I couldn’t see around the umbilical cord, but the midwife quickly confirmed it was a boy. He was perfect. He is perfect. And I felt like super women. The adrenaline kicked in big time and I couldn’t stop smiling. After a while, I handed him to Ricky for some skin on skin time while the midwifes fixed me up and I had a shower. Then I was wheeled to the ward where we sat looking at this tiny little, perfect human we had created slept so peacefully and unaware of what was going on around him. When everyone had gone home I just lay there with him and stared. I don’t think I slept a wink all night

With the best team of people around me, I was able to give birth naturally without any pain medication. One of the things Hypnobirthing advises, is to write in your birth plan that you don’t want anyone to mention the word pain. They are not to ask you if you want pain relief or even how you are feeling. And the reason they say this, is that it doesn’t even cross your mind to ask for it when you are in the moment. Yes, you ask to go home and you want it over, but not once did I think to ask for pain relief.

I was proud of myself. I am proud of myself. I feel lucky to have experienced it and seen the extreme limits my body is able to deal with. Its amazing what the body can do. I went for my first run yesterday, 8 and a half weeks after the birth, and I can already see that my willpower is stronger than it was before. If I can give birth naturally, then I can definitely run just that little bit further.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

38.6 weeks. SO basically 39 weeks!


We have just about reached the last week of being a two human family!
Little one is in what the midwife describes as a "perfect position" and I am still text book on track with weight and heartbeat and blood pressure etc... so this child is already a good egg hahahhaa.
She also said it will prob be a few days late, but nothing extreme. That being said it could also arrive tonight! So who knows, that, and not knowing the sex, is what all the excitement it about.

I would prefer the little one to stay in another week at least as we have decide to renovate this week of course! Why wouldn't you. ;) I started my maternity leave on Wednesday and the house is full of builders, banging and cement footprints. I must have the patience of  saint. But to be honest, they are the neatest, most respectful builders I have ever known...and they are working fast and doing a proper job, so I am not complaining at all. I might just need to take full advantage of the hospital stay when stay comes about :)
So we are redoing the bathroom with new tiles and getting rid of any damp, so very necessary. And it will look great when its done. Then in the spare room we are relaying the floor and re-bricking a very old "woodstock" wall which held a lot of damp, so also necessary for baby. Positive positive positive ;)

So baby is fully grown now, all the things that are needed to survive in the outside world are in place and ready. According to the baby website, he/she should be about the size of a small watermelon! sure feels like it! I have been getting very strong and consistent braxton hicks over the last few nights, as the body prepares itself for birth. Very clever..

So here is the latest, pic. Not brilliant, but I am feeling lazy at the moment. haha
38.4 weeks

text book baby position at 39 weeks

small watermelon size

Friday, September 6, 2013

37 weeks!

We have reached what is said to be FULL TERM! If baba arrives anytime from today, it will be fully developed and survive without any assistance from the hospital.
Wowsa it all  just got real! We are still very unprepared. No baby room, no crib and no pre-washed baby clothes hahaha. But Im hoping to get that all sorted this weekend. 

I have 7 more working days from Monday and the end cannot come soon enough. Its not that I don't enjoy work, but that I would rather be doing the above mentioned baby prep!
I went to the midwife yesterday and little one is getting into position perfectly, all ready to go. So it really is imminent....nervous, apprehensive and so excited to find out if its a boy or a girl!
Starting to get super heavy and slow now, but Im managing. Still loving my early morning dog walks and afternoon sneaky naps where possible (mostly on the weekends) I cannot quench my thirst which is an odd one. The more water I drink the thirster I get! Ricky is super excited now, he just wants it out now. He reckons I am gonna have it this weekend hahaha! (hoping I get the last laugh???)

So here is me and bump with +- 3 weeks to go. Its about 3.3 kilos now and has long legs and a chubby tummy. Its the length of a bunch of Swiss Chard and the size of a winter melon...x

37 weeks

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Prams and baby showers

Ricky and I have awesome friends and family who have been donating and lending us all the BIG stuff for when baby arrives. We have the crib the cot the pram the bath etc etc...SO last night I decided I would clean the car seat covers and get the pram ready for the arrival as I knew it needed t be done just in case. Sjhoo what a mission putting the cover back on a car seat! I needed instructions, Im not joking it took me about an hour and a half to refit it all and I am still not sure if I have done it properly! Well today Ricky sent me this photo. Out little furry friend has found the clean seat and has decided to make a little nest...if it wasn't so damn cute I would be cross at the idea of having to wash it all over again (she walked in the muddy park this morning, so I know its gonna need another wash!)

Lucy in the car seat
I had such a lovely baby shower this past weekend. Me and bump were super spoilt and the whole day was very special with lots of friends and family. I haven't got pics yet, but will post when I do. Luckily the weather was okay and there were lots and lots of cakes and yummy things to eat. And everyone was so helpful and lovely, I was very overwhelmed and felt very loved.

So we are coming up to 37 weeks on Friday, which is considered FULL TERM!!!! hectic. I have been carrying this little bundle for 37 weeks. Unbelievable. So technically, S/He could arrive at anytime. The average arrival of a first baby is 1.3 weeks past its due date, but Ricky thinks it will come a week early.
I hope that it stays warm and cozy long enough for me to enjoy some of my leave which I am taking from the 17th of September. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! All I wanna do is nest and then sleep and then nest some more and then have a little nap and then eat and nap again hahahaha.

Promise to post 37 week pic on Friday

Monday, August 26, 2013

35.3 weeks


Baby is growing fast now! And I am running out of space, poor little thing. Plus I am SO slow.....everything takes me so long at the moment. But I have accepted that, and just take my time where I can. We went and spoilt ourselves this weekend and brought ourselves a king size bed. What a difference it has made. SO much more space now, we don't even feel it when a big white poodle jumps up in the middle of the night to snuggle!

Things are moving along nicely now. Ricky and Richard are moving out of the spare room this weekend and we have already made a huge dent in all the packing away and organising of things we don't need at the moment. The cot is in place next to our bed and we are organising a changing table. Its my baby shower this coming Saturday, so very excited!
So far most people are still going with a girl, and every child I have asked what they think it is has said a girl! SO maybe little people know?? Who knows!
We have our 36 week scan on Friday which will be our last before baby arrives if all is well. The appointment is with our Back up Gynea and we get to tour the hospital and see where the birthing room will be etc. Less than 5 weeks to go! I think I better pack a hospital bag soon.
On another note, we went to our friends Greg and Gosia on FRiday who have had the twins. They are now nearly a month old and both weighing about 2 kilos! They are so cute, but so so tiny. I can't believe a human can be that small.
SO here are too pictures of the bump. One last night before bed and one this morning of me looking VERY tired. hahaha. Only 3 more weeks of work...can't wait to go on leave now.

Baby is about 2 - 2.5 kilos now and the size of a Melon! I get kicked in the ribs quite often by his/her little feet, so I think its going to be a loooong baby....

Lots of love to you all

35.2 weeks

35.3 weeks

Monday, August 12, 2013

33 and a bit!

HI all,

Im huge! I am not sure there is any more space for this baba to grow, but he/she is insisting on adding on a few more kilos. S/he is the size of a pineapple this week. Trying to roll over at night is like rolling a Hypo onto its side. And as much as everyone says how lucky I am to be preggers in winter, I would love to be able to just put on one top and a pair of pants/jeans shorts, with no jacket or socks and shoes...the amount of layers needed to keep a Hypo warm in this weather is ridiculous! Im sure it is making me look bigger than I am too. And I can't zip up my jackets anymore! So I have taken to wearing Rickys :)

I have gotten the cutest of pressies from Auntie Kez and Uncle Scott. A pair of little red converse trainers! Too cute. AND little socks to match. Will take a pic. And Ricky brought S/He a GAP hoody and the cutest little fish that looks like Nemo! SO spoilt.

We had a long weekend here for Womens day. We spend the weekend buying appliances. A new washing machine/ dryer and a new fridge. Uggh being grown up sucks. But I do like them ;)
hahaha. And we took pooches on lots of walks. And I had a lovely Sunday roast at Doris house, which was lovely. SO all in all a very nice weekend

Im starting to get tired now though. I had thought I would be strong and work up until my die date, but the more I think About it, the more I want to have a few days at home to just relax and prepare and take it all in before baba arrives. So I think I will be going on leave form the 17th of September, which gives me about a week and half before due date should he/she come on time.. plus it gives us time to get the room and house ready. So looking forward to time off now! Whoo hoo, only 5 more working weeks :)

Here is pic from one of our weekend walks. We were on Lions Head contour path. It was so clear you could see ALL the mountains and even the snow. Very pretty. This is the spot we are going to take Laylas ashes when I have plucked up the courage to do it. I like her pot being at home...but I am sure she will like roaming Lions Head too...
33 and a bit

The size of  a pineapple! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

32.2 weeks


Mmmh not very good at this weekly posting thing hey.
Anyways we have reached 32 weeks and 2 days today, being Sunday the 4th of August. Baby is weighing between 1.2 and 1.7 kilos at the moment. My tummy is HUGE, but nice and compact (apparently) so I feel good about that. No swelling and no stretch marks as of yet, so all good. Its getting difficult to bend down and tie shoe laces, use dust pan and brush and generally pick things up, but not so much because
 of my stomach, but the light headedness that comes with it. So I think Ricky will have to take over those tasks for me! Im very excited because he is back from his holiday today. Its been 16 sleeps! I've managed pretty well though. No issues to mention and the dogs have been easy. We have spent a lot of time on the beach because the weather has been so amazing for August. It was 28 degrees last Thursday, so I took the afternoon off work and we sat on Camps Bay and then Hout Bay beach all afternoon and then as it was Dad's birthday we went for dinner  and sat outside to eat! It was amazing.

Oh and huge news is our best friends Greg and Gosia had their little twins last week FRiday. They were 2 months early, but are doing really well. And Gosia was able to have them naturally which is so super as she had planned a c section. But the babies wanted out all on their own...
Her waters broke at work and she drove herself to the hospital and out they popped, one after the other, in less than 4 hours! They are being incubated at the moment while they put on weight, but they are starting to feed well and they can hopefully take them home in a week or so. At the moment Arizona, who came out first, but is the smallest at the moment, weighs 1.66 kilos and Indiana weighs in a 2 kilos.

So meet our babies "big sisters" Arizona and Indianna. So over the moon for them, and really looking forward to lots of family get togethers....

Daddy Greg with Arizona (on the right, she came first) and Indiana (on the left)

And out little baba is the size of a squash this week I believe, although not a little gem squash but a BIG squash! And squashed is how my stomach feels. I can't believe there is still 8 weeks to go and more growing to happen! And S/he moves so much, huge summersaults, hiccups and kicks. And mostly in the morning, just before bed and then in the middle of the night......

Here is bump and squash, hope you all have a lovely week:

32 weeks

Sunday, July 21, 2013

30.2 weeks

Hi all!

So I have hit the last 10 weeks. And what a week this has been.
Sadly we had to put our gorgeous girl Layla dog to sleep as she just wash't living a quality of life that made sense anymore. It was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make and we are still devastated. :(
Then on Thursday last week my car got broken in to again in the middle of the night and they broke 2 windows this time, so was super angry and upset about that. Its hard to stay calm in those situations, but I had to try for the babies sake....
But the most exciting news is that Ricky proposed!!! Out of the blue, on Thursday night.
And of course I said yes. After 7 and a half years, it just felt so right and I am so excited to be joining the Lawrence clan. :)

SO here is baby bump at 30 weeks. The heart burn is almost unbearable this week, but its not due to anything in particular as I wake up in the middle of the night with it! Its not pleasant. But the restless legs have died down thank goodness. I was very low in Iron according to the midwife, so I am on Iron supplements, and Ricky has instructed me to eat a spoonful of Molasses every morning and every evening as it is full of magnesium, so the combination seems to have worked. Although I am not keen on Molasses at all! Baba is wiggling nicely and its so funny to watch as my stomach wobbles and moves on its own. Im getting used to it now, so its not so foreign and weird. Ricky is away for 2 weeks now, so me and the pooches are gonna chill and take it easy. We had a super day on Camps Bay beach today, such nice weather for winter....
Oh and baby is the size of a cabbage this week! :) x

Monday, July 8, 2013

28.3 weeks

Mmhhh, Im slack. I did say I would post on friday, but I didn't.

Nothing much has changed since last week to be honest. I still have restless legs and heart burn, for which I have removed my evening cup of Milo to see if this has a bit sadly.
i have fun in the evenings after dinner watching my bellie move and wobble as baba has a wiggle around in appreciation of being fed. Its very cute and alien at the same time.
S/he is the size of an egg plant this week, which I find a bit misleading as the ones in Pick and pay are HUGE and the ones at Woolies are small? Not sure I am into this whole size of a fruit and veg thing anymore.....

I met with Mum and Dori this weekend to discuss the baby shower which is exciting. Its going to be on the 31st of August, so a month before due date. I hope the weather is nice.
So here is bump in front of the bedroom window and the new sleeper couch (for all the visitors) as well as the egg plant. And because I love her and she is getting old, my precious Layla having a mid day nap on our bed surrounded by the L shaped cushion I am supposed to use when I sleep.....

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

mid week post (27.5 weeks)


I have been a bit sick this week, so very low on energy, therefore lack of posts. Its just a head cold, but its knocked me out a bit and work is busy as the boss lady is away, so all round useless week on the social front.
I am planning an early night tonight with lots of hot tea and a hot water bottle and some "The Good Wife" series on my lap top. Hoping that will cure it.
The baby is good though. Loves a kick and a wiggle. And now we can actually see the movements just by looking and not just by feeling anymore. Its crazy weird to watch my whole belly wobble on its own hahaha. Very cute. And I am sure Bodie (The big white dog) knows something is up, he keeps giving me big cuddles and sitting with his head on my lap.
The weather is cold at the moment, so makes it super hard to get up and walk the pooches in the morning, but there is no rain at the moment which is nice. Just sunny cold days. Perfect winter Cape Town, I hope it lasts.

I promise to post a bellie shot on Friday when we hit the third and final trimester. 28 weeks!
Still no baby room, but I am happy to have the little one in the room with us for a few weeks to begin with due to the cooler weather. So not stressing about it at all. In fact, I think we should start to stress a bit, we haven't done anything! Guess it will all fit together in the end. Lots of love xxx

Sunday, June 23, 2013

26 weeks

26 weeks! One more week and I hit the "third trimester" Jeepers its flying by now.
I still freak out a little every time I feel the baby move. Not so much the little kicks and hiccups, but the giant summersaults it does when changing positions. Its incredible that there is a little human swimming around in my bellie and eating and sleeping too.

Sleeping is becoming a little more difficult every week. I still have restless legs, and now I can't really sleep on my back anymore I am down to the left side or the right. So I toss and turn a lot. Plus its winter and cold, so there are lots more blankets and pillows to deal with while tossing and turing and everything feels so heavy. But I shouldn't complain, its been an easy pregnancy so far according to the books. ;)

The baby room is still non existent, but I have already got a little stock pile of baby items going. So I I am dying to get started. We are hoping to hear from the landlord this week as to whether Ricky has got the office site that he wants for Enjoy, and then they can move out of the spare room.

I went to a lovely Huggies nappy event on Saturday morning at the Mount Nelson. Who would have thought that would be how I now spent my weekends. But it was great! We had a lovely breakfast, listened to Michael Mol give great advice on bringing up your children (he's a smarty pants that one) and got a lovely goodie bag to take home too. Huggies have come up with a boy and girl nappy, so pink for girls and blue for boys! Because we still don't know what we are having, they gave me a huge pack of one of each! Which I think is super.
Im off to Richard and Monique's today to go and pick up all the baby items they are kindly lending to us. Cots and carrie cots and prams etc....Exciting stuff!

So here is bump for the week. We are the size of a lettuce this week! hahaha.
Hope you have a lovely Sunday xxx

Iceburg lettuce

26 weeks

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mini break

Happy Monday all! I hope you all had a fab weekend. I am still feeling good and baby is kicking up a storm. Ricky was able to feel a succession of kicks and movements last night which was very special. We have been practicing our breathing and listening to our rainbow relaxation CD in preparation for the birth. I think we will be fine. I am actually starting to look forward to it. 

 Ricky and I left the pooches and the bunny with a house sitter and went to Franshoek in a mystery adventure this weekend which was amazing. You arrive and collect a box at a designated guesthouse which gives you  all your vouchers for the weekend. And it tells you where you are going to stay. We stayed at a gorgeous guesthouse on a Wine Farm called Holdens Manz. We had underfloor heating and a fire place in our room. We arrived and the butler collected all our bags and took us to our room where they had lit the fire already and had a bottle of wine for us to try! Mmmhhh (I had a little wine, Im not gonna lie)
We had dinner at their resturant that night which was awesome. On Saturday we ventured around Franshoek for breakfast, went for a wine tasting and even went to the vintage car museum. It poured with rain, but to was such a great day. Then in the afternoon we went back to the guesthouse and watched TV with our  fire place keeping us coast as the weather turned nasty. On sunday the weather was beautiful and very clear with a rainbow, lots of waterfalls on the mountains and even some snow caps! We were pretty sad to leave as it was so comfortable and warm there, but I missed my fur babies so much, I was also happy to be going home. So here are  few pictures including the bump at 24 weeks. And one of the pooches happily snuggled up for bed last night, I think they were happy to have us home too. 

I hope you all have a good week. x

Our wine and fire place

Bump at 24 weeks

Sundays rainbow

Sun and snow (although you can't see the snow)

amazing surroundings

The Pooches all snuggled up and happy to have us home. x

Monday, June 3, 2013

Big Baba!!!

Happy Monday everyone

What a wet and cold weekend. It hailed so much it looked like snow had finally managed to fall in Cape Town. And its been freezing! I know they say when you are pregnant you have a bun in the oven, but its not keeping me as warm as an oven. Maybe that only comes later?

We had the big scan today and it was amazing. Technology out did itself today. The technician measured the heart, the brain and all the limbs and other major organs to make sure we are all on track and we are! All normal and growing nicely. We even got to see the blood pump in and out of the heart as they can zoom in so close. Pretty cool I have to say. And we got to see its little face and saw it swallowing and sucking away. We had to look away when the measured the legs so we couldn't see the sex which was SO hard to do, but we managed. So looking at its little cute face, what do you recon now? Boy or girl? Ricky is even more convinced its a girl now, but I am still not so sure.

The doctor said we are looking at a BIG baba. Its above average weight at the moment, and if it carries on that way, its gonna be about 4kgs at full term! But my mum said Richard and I were 4 kgs and Austin a little smaller and she managed, so I will too.

So he s/he is. how adorable!!! And look how fat its belly is! heehee x

Friday, May 31, 2013

Here comes the bump! 23 weeks....

Hi peeps.

Today we have reached 23 weeks. So over halfway already. Im feeling good, and baba is kicking and wiggling away. (normally when I want to have a nap or am trying to go to sleep at night - so i am getting good practice at being awake!)
Ricky and I went to our first Hypnobirthing class on Wednesday night. It went really well and I think we are both happy with the decision to go "natural". Ricky even watched his first birth video, which happened to be a water birth and now we are discussing this option (as they have a birthing bath at the hospital we are booked into) as it looked so peaceful and relaxing. It was nice to meet some other couples who are going to go with the same option, although both the other couples are having their babies at home! Not sure if i am keen with that idea, the hospital feels right to me.

We are going to have our 23 week scan on Monday. Apparently if there is a scan you should have while pregnant, this is the one! It can take up to an hour and they measure and check every part of the baby to make sure it is growing and all its organs are in good shape. Plus they make a DVD of the scan which you can take home which is pretty cool. We can also see the sex which we still don't want to find out, so we will have to turn around when that happens.
And then after this scan, we move onto the Midwife option and not the Gynea anymore. We have our first appointment with her in a few weeks time.

Have a nice weekend everyone, and for all the Cape Townians, its gonna be a stormy weekend so wrap up walk...

So here are the latest pics of the bump:

Baby is the size of a grapefruit

Monday, May 27, 2013

The office decided to decorate my belly today as a joke, so I thought I would post them as its quite cute really. Have a super Monday!

Friday, May 24, 2013

22 weeks today

Hi everyone, 

This week the baba is the size of a Papaya. I had a look at the papayas in pick n pay on Wednesday and    its a pretty big fruit! Its weird to think that he/she is growing so big already. But its definetly growing! 
I feel huge this week, and the baby is super active kicking and swimming around. Nice to feel though (as I am getting used to it now) as it reassures me everything is well. 

It looks like Ricky may have found new office space near the house, so I will finally be able to get my hands on the spare room and start putting everything in order. I know theres still a few months to go, but it really is going so fast! I still can't believe I am over half way already?! Its getting very wintery here, so it will be nice to have an evening project to work on as I don't feel like going out much. Saying  that, I have been forcing myself to be social as I know I will have limited time to go out once baby is here. Plus now I have a belly, I wanna show it off hahaha. And people are so kind and understanding when I want to leave early or need to sit down all the time. We went to Madam Zimgara on Tuesday night for Gosias birthday. It was amazing! But both Gosh and I (she is having twin girls in August) were both finished by the end of it as it goes on quite late. 

Anyway, here are the pics of the belly this week. I managed to get Ricky to get involved as you will see. This weekend will be mellow. I have my preggie bellies exercise class on Saturday morning, but then no other plans which is nice. Hope you all have a lovely weekend too xxx

Getting nervous much?

22 weeks


Monday, May 20, 2013

Just thought I would add this pic as its super cute. 
I have been so lucky to have been offered to many goodies for when baba arrives that I think I am all sorted! I am so excited to start on the baby room and begin nesting. I have been very patient and just storing all the bits and pieces in the cupboard until I have the space to sort it all out. But It looks like Ricky has found office space not far from the house, so they are potentially moving at the end of the month. So June and July will be nesting time! 

Mum and I are going to go material shopping soon to get some green material for curtains, and the rocking chair. And then I can paint the cot (which Monique and Richard are letting us borrow), the book shelves and the baby changing table. 

All i need to get it a big rug or carpet to make the room a little warmer. Shoooo but I am getting very excited now. It does help that I am feeling strong and healthy and not having too many issues as of yet. I got knocked back my heart burn last week, but brought some gaviscon and that seems to have done the trick. I am going to my preggie bellies gym class twice a week and yoga once a week. I would like to swim more, but its getting colder and a lot harder to think of swimming I have to say. 

Anyway, enough jabber from me. I'll post a 22 week belly on Friday, so you can see how I am growing. xxx

The Luce

Monday, May 13, 2013

20 week scan pics

So here he/she is! Grown so much since the last scan.
Apparently I still have to go for a fatal assessment in 3 weeks to do a proper check. So more pics then too. We are all on track and still text book healthy. My weight is as it should be and baba is growing perfectly. We got to hear the heart beat which is pretty amazing and saw him/her yawn which was super cute! We weren't able to get a good 3D pic because baby didn't want his/her photo taken. The doctor didn't take a full body picture either as he was worried we would be able to see "something down there"  if there was anything and as we don't want to know the sex until birth, so we had to avoid that area. hahahaha

So here is the little jelly bean. Its about the length of a banana, so pretty big already. xxx

Got a cute nose! 

20 weeks and 3 day

Hey everyone,

So we have hit the half way mark! 4 and a half months to go now...
We are off to our 20 week scan this afternoon so I will be able to post pics of the little thing this evening. I started an aerobics and toning class last week called Preggie bellies which is good fun, and will hopefully help me get strong for the big day.  We dance around on a Pilates ball to loud music and must look very funny to anyone walking past the room. There was even a lady there who is having her baby today, which is pretty impressive that she is still doing exercise right up until 2 days before. I hope I can be like that (although I am pretty sure Ricky won't let me be any different hahaha) And I have defiantly POPPED! Although I am still quite small it is apparently because I am tall. I can no longer lie on my stomach (which is how I normally sleep), but I that's all part of the parcel I suppose.
Still loving all things meat and mustard :) Although I am trying not to eat it every day. Loving baked potatoes too! Heartburn has shown its face so all things bubbles are out the window as well as olives and tomatoes.

Okay so check again later and I will have put the baby scan pics up for you to see!
Have a lovely monday

20 weeks and 3 days

Friday, May 3, 2013

19 weeks!

Wowsa 19 weeks already. Its going to fast.
I had the best birthday celebrating my friends Gosia and Gregs wedding, and I ate SO much. And not all good for me, sorry baby. But it was delicious....chocolate, cheese a sneaky glass of wine AND coffee....back on track now I promise.

And the cool thing is, I can feel the little pup moving now. He/she has started to make itself known. Normally in the morning, around lunch time and in the evening when I am parked on the couch I can feel it. Ricky can't feel yet as its still set too far back (my bump is still not very prominent dispute what the picture shows), but in the next few weeks I am sure he will be able too.

So here is pic of bump week 19. Lots of love xxx
19 weeks

The size of a small mango

Sunday, April 28, 2013

18 weeks

Here is a pic of the belly at 18 weeks. Its the size of a bell pepper. Although most people tell me I look small for 4 and a a half months, I feel huge! Ribs are the craving of the week....not very good after being vegetarian for 2 years, but I guess thats what the little tot needs right now! So who am I to complain....

bell pepper

18 weeks