Thursday, May 15, 2014

7 and a half months

SO Mr Jett has just reached the 7.5 month mark. Still no sign of any teeth but that doesn't stop him drooling and gumming everything in site. He is however learning to pull himself up to a standing position on the side of his cot or the couch. He is also crawling, across the room, using his head as limb.
He has yet to master the art of using his hands. But he is getting there.
We love him more every day and cannot believe he is ours!

He has started to get very chatty and loves to go out and about and see new people. We took him to a resturant the other night, and he was so well behaved. Really was such a pleasure, hoping that lasts! We  have always said we would treat restaurants as a special occasion, and the Spur will not be part of our "treats" as it is not what it used to be (we say this now?!)  We really want it to be like it was when we were little. Getting excited to go out with your parents, getting dressed up and going to a resturant, being polite and respectful to the waterers and not using the establishment as a play ground while the parents get drunk.

Anyways, I had my first mothers day this last Sunday. What a special day. We went on our morning walk and then in the afternoon Jett and I went to the Green Point Park with my mum and brother. It was so nice to spend quality time with them.
Here are a few pics of the little guy as he is getting SO big now.

My mothers day gifts

Busy Sunday

Mothers day at the park

Mothers day in the park

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