Monday, August 26, 2013

35.3 weeks


Baby is growing fast now! And I am running out of space, poor little thing. Plus I am SO slow.....everything takes me so long at the moment. But I have accepted that, and just take my time where I can. We went and spoilt ourselves this weekend and brought ourselves a king size bed. What a difference it has made. SO much more space now, we don't even feel it when a big white poodle jumps up in the middle of the night to snuggle!

Things are moving along nicely now. Ricky and Richard are moving out of the spare room this weekend and we have already made a huge dent in all the packing away and organising of things we don't need at the moment. The cot is in place next to our bed and we are organising a changing table. Its my baby shower this coming Saturday, so very excited!
So far most people are still going with a girl, and every child I have asked what they think it is has said a girl! SO maybe little people know?? Who knows!
We have our 36 week scan on Friday which will be our last before baby arrives if all is well. The appointment is with our Back up Gynea and we get to tour the hospital and see where the birthing room will be etc. Less than 5 weeks to go! I think I better pack a hospital bag soon.
On another note, we went to our friends Greg and Gosia on FRiday who have had the twins. They are now nearly a month old and both weighing about 2 kilos! They are so cute, but so so tiny. I can't believe a human can be that small.
SO here are too pictures of the bump. One last night before bed and one this morning of me looking VERY tired. hahaha. Only 3 more weeks of work...can't wait to go on leave now.

Baby is about 2 - 2.5 kilos now and the size of a Melon! I get kicked in the ribs quite often by his/her little feet, so I think its going to be a loooong baby....

Lots of love to you all

35.2 weeks

35.3 weeks

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