Monday, August 12, 2013

33 and a bit!

HI all,

Im huge! I am not sure there is any more space for this baba to grow, but he/she is insisting on adding on a few more kilos. S/he is the size of a pineapple this week. Trying to roll over at night is like rolling a Hypo onto its side. And as much as everyone says how lucky I am to be preggers in winter, I would love to be able to just put on one top and a pair of pants/jeans shorts, with no jacket or socks and shoes...the amount of layers needed to keep a Hypo warm in this weather is ridiculous! Im sure it is making me look bigger than I am too. And I can't zip up my jackets anymore! So I have taken to wearing Rickys :)

I have gotten the cutest of pressies from Auntie Kez and Uncle Scott. A pair of little red converse trainers! Too cute. AND little socks to match. Will take a pic. And Ricky brought S/He a GAP hoody and the cutest little fish that looks like Nemo! SO spoilt.

We had a long weekend here for Womens day. We spend the weekend buying appliances. A new washing machine/ dryer and a new fridge. Uggh being grown up sucks. But I do like them ;)
hahaha. And we took pooches on lots of walks. And I had a lovely Sunday roast at Doris house, which was lovely. SO all in all a very nice weekend

Im starting to get tired now though. I had thought I would be strong and work up until my die date, but the more I think About it, the more I want to have a few days at home to just relax and prepare and take it all in before baba arrives. So I think I will be going on leave form the 17th of September, which gives me about a week and half before due date should he/she come on time.. plus it gives us time to get the room and house ready. So looking forward to time off now! Whoo hoo, only 5 more working weeks :)

Here is pic from one of our weekend walks. We were on Lions Head contour path. It was so clear you could see ALL the mountains and even the snow. Very pretty. This is the spot we are going to take Laylas ashes when I have plucked up the courage to do it. I like her pot being at home...but I am sure she will like roaming Lions Head too...
33 and a bit

The size of  a pineapple! 

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