Monday, July 8, 2013

28.3 weeks

Mmhhh, Im slack. I did say I would post on friday, but I didn't.

Nothing much has changed since last week to be honest. I still have restless legs and heart burn, for which I have removed my evening cup of Milo to see if this has a bit sadly.
i have fun in the evenings after dinner watching my bellie move and wobble as baba has a wiggle around in appreciation of being fed. Its very cute and alien at the same time.
S/he is the size of an egg plant this week, which I find a bit misleading as the ones in Pick and pay are HUGE and the ones at Woolies are small? Not sure I am into this whole size of a fruit and veg thing anymore.....

I met with Mum and Dori this weekend to discuss the baby shower which is exciting. Its going to be on the 31st of August, so a month before due date. I hope the weather is nice.
So here is bump in front of the bedroom window and the new sleeper couch (for all the visitors) as well as the egg plant. And because I love her and she is getting old, my precious Layla having a mid day nap on our bed surrounded by the L shaped cushion I am supposed to use when I sleep.....

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