Monday, June 10, 2013

Mini break

Happy Monday all! I hope you all had a fab weekend. I am still feeling good and baby is kicking up a storm. Ricky was able to feel a succession of kicks and movements last night which was very special. We have been practicing our breathing and listening to our rainbow relaxation CD in preparation for the birth. I think we will be fine. I am actually starting to look forward to it. 

 Ricky and I left the pooches and the bunny with a house sitter and went to Franshoek in a mystery adventure this weekend which was amazing. You arrive and collect a box at a designated guesthouse which gives you  all your vouchers for the weekend. And it tells you where you are going to stay. We stayed at a gorgeous guesthouse on a Wine Farm called Holdens Manz. We had underfloor heating and a fire place in our room. We arrived and the butler collected all our bags and took us to our room where they had lit the fire already and had a bottle of wine for us to try! Mmmhhh (I had a little wine, Im not gonna lie)
We had dinner at their resturant that night which was awesome. On Saturday we ventured around Franshoek for breakfast, went for a wine tasting and even went to the vintage car museum. It poured with rain, but to was such a great day. Then in the afternoon we went back to the guesthouse and watched TV with our  fire place keeping us coast as the weather turned nasty. On sunday the weather was beautiful and very clear with a rainbow, lots of waterfalls on the mountains and even some snow caps! We were pretty sad to leave as it was so comfortable and warm there, but I missed my fur babies so much, I was also happy to be going home. So here are  few pictures including the bump at 24 weeks. And one of the pooches happily snuggled up for bed last night, I think they were happy to have us home too. 

I hope you all have a good week. x

Our wine and fire place

Bump at 24 weeks

Sundays rainbow

Sun and snow (although you can't see the snow)

amazing surroundings

The Pooches all snuggled up and happy to have us home. x

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