Monday, June 3, 2013

Big Baba!!!

Happy Monday everyone

What a wet and cold weekend. It hailed so much it looked like snow had finally managed to fall in Cape Town. And its been freezing! I know they say when you are pregnant you have a bun in the oven, but its not keeping me as warm as an oven. Maybe that only comes later?

We had the big scan today and it was amazing. Technology out did itself today. The technician measured the heart, the brain and all the limbs and other major organs to make sure we are all on track and we are! All normal and growing nicely. We even got to see the blood pump in and out of the heart as they can zoom in so close. Pretty cool I have to say. And we got to see its little face and saw it swallowing and sucking away. We had to look away when the measured the legs so we couldn't see the sex which was SO hard to do, but we managed. So looking at its little cute face, what do you recon now? Boy or girl? Ricky is even more convinced its a girl now, but I am still not so sure.

The doctor said we are looking at a BIG baba. Its above average weight at the moment, and if it carries on that way, its gonna be about 4kgs at full term! But my mum said Richard and I were 4 kgs and Austin a little smaller and she managed, so I will too.

So he s/he is. how adorable!!! And look how fat its belly is! heehee x

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