Sunday, June 23, 2013

26 weeks

26 weeks! One more week and I hit the "third trimester" Jeepers its flying by now.
I still freak out a little every time I feel the baby move. Not so much the little kicks and hiccups, but the giant summersaults it does when changing positions. Its incredible that there is a little human swimming around in my bellie and eating and sleeping too.

Sleeping is becoming a little more difficult every week. I still have restless legs, and now I can't really sleep on my back anymore I am down to the left side or the right. So I toss and turn a lot. Plus its winter and cold, so there are lots more blankets and pillows to deal with while tossing and turing and everything feels so heavy. But I shouldn't complain, its been an easy pregnancy so far according to the books. ;)

The baby room is still non existent, but I have already got a little stock pile of baby items going. So I I am dying to get started. We are hoping to hear from the landlord this week as to whether Ricky has got the office site that he wants for Enjoy, and then they can move out of the spare room.

I went to a lovely Huggies nappy event on Saturday morning at the Mount Nelson. Who would have thought that would be how I now spent my weekends. But it was great! We had a lovely breakfast, listened to Michael Mol give great advice on bringing up your children (he's a smarty pants that one) and got a lovely goodie bag to take home too. Huggies have come up with a boy and girl nappy, so pink for girls and blue for boys! Because we still don't know what we are having, they gave me a huge pack of one of each! Which I think is super.
Im off to Richard and Monique's today to go and pick up all the baby items they are kindly lending to us. Cots and carrie cots and prams etc....Exciting stuff!

So here is bump for the week. We are the size of a lettuce this week! hahaha.
Hope you have a lovely Sunday xxx

Iceburg lettuce

26 weeks

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