Monday, May 20, 2013

Just thought I would add this pic as its super cute. 
I have been so lucky to have been offered to many goodies for when baba arrives that I think I am all sorted! I am so excited to start on the baby room and begin nesting. I have been very patient and just storing all the bits and pieces in the cupboard until I have the space to sort it all out. But It looks like Ricky has found office space not far from the house, so they are potentially moving at the end of the month. So June and July will be nesting time! 

Mum and I are going to go material shopping soon to get some green material for curtains, and the rocking chair. And then I can paint the cot (which Monique and Richard are letting us borrow), the book shelves and the baby changing table. 

All i need to get it a big rug or carpet to make the room a little warmer. Shoooo but I am getting very excited now. It does help that I am feeling strong and healthy and not having too many issues as of yet. I got knocked back my heart burn last week, but brought some gaviscon and that seems to have done the trick. I am going to my preggie bellies gym class twice a week and yoga once a week. I would like to swim more, but its getting colder and a lot harder to think of swimming I have to say. 

Anyway, enough jabber from me. I'll post a 22 week belly on Friday, so you can see how I am growing. xxx

The Luce

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