Friday, May 31, 2013

Here comes the bump! 23 weeks....

Hi peeps.

Today we have reached 23 weeks. So over halfway already. Im feeling good, and baba is kicking and wiggling away. (normally when I want to have a nap or am trying to go to sleep at night - so i am getting good practice at being awake!)
Ricky and I went to our first Hypnobirthing class on Wednesday night. It went really well and I think we are both happy with the decision to go "natural". Ricky even watched his first birth video, which happened to be a water birth and now we are discussing this option (as they have a birthing bath at the hospital we are booked into) as it looked so peaceful and relaxing. It was nice to meet some other couples who are going to go with the same option, although both the other couples are having their babies at home! Not sure if i am keen with that idea, the hospital feels right to me.

We are going to have our 23 week scan on Monday. Apparently if there is a scan you should have while pregnant, this is the one! It can take up to an hour and they measure and check every part of the baby to make sure it is growing and all its organs are in good shape. Plus they make a DVD of the scan which you can take home which is pretty cool. We can also see the sex which we still don't want to find out, so we will have to turn around when that happens.
And then after this scan, we move onto the Midwife option and not the Gynea anymore. We have our first appointment with her in a few weeks time.

Have a nice weekend everyone, and for all the Cape Townians, its gonna be a stormy weekend so wrap up walk...

So here are the latest pics of the bump:

Baby is the size of a grapefruit

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