Friday, May 24, 2013

22 weeks today

Hi everyone, 

This week the baba is the size of a Papaya. I had a look at the papayas in pick n pay on Wednesday and    its a pretty big fruit! Its weird to think that he/she is growing so big already. But its definetly growing! 
I feel huge this week, and the baby is super active kicking and swimming around. Nice to feel though (as I am getting used to it now) as it reassures me everything is well. 

It looks like Ricky may have found new office space near the house, so I will finally be able to get my hands on the spare room and start putting everything in order. I know theres still a few months to go, but it really is going so fast! I still can't believe I am over half way already?! Its getting very wintery here, so it will be nice to have an evening project to work on as I don't feel like going out much. Saying  that, I have been forcing myself to be social as I know I will have limited time to go out once baby is here. Plus now I have a belly, I wanna show it off hahaha. And people are so kind and understanding when I want to leave early or need to sit down all the time. We went to Madam Zimgara on Tuesday night for Gosias birthday. It was amazing! But both Gosh and I (she is having twin girls in August) were both finished by the end of it as it goes on quite late. 

Anyway, here are the pics of the belly this week. I managed to get Ricky to get involved as you will see. This weekend will be mellow. I have my preggie bellies exercise class on Saturday morning, but then no other plans which is nice. Hope you all have a lovely weekend too xxx

Getting nervous much?

22 weeks


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