Monday, May 13, 2013

20 weeks and 3 day

Hey everyone,

So we have hit the half way mark! 4 and a half months to go now...
We are off to our 20 week scan this afternoon so I will be able to post pics of the little thing this evening. I started an aerobics and toning class last week called Preggie bellies which is good fun, and will hopefully help me get strong for the big day.  We dance around on a Pilates ball to loud music and must look very funny to anyone walking past the room. There was even a lady there who is having her baby today, which is pretty impressive that she is still doing exercise right up until 2 days before. I hope I can be like that (although I am pretty sure Ricky won't let me be any different hahaha) And I have defiantly POPPED! Although I am still quite small it is apparently because I am tall. I can no longer lie on my stomach (which is how I normally sleep), but I that's all part of the parcel I suppose.
Still loving all things meat and mustard :) Although I am trying not to eat it every day. Loving baked potatoes too! Heartburn has shown its face so all things bubbles are out the window as well as olives and tomatoes.

Okay so check again later and I will have put the baby scan pics up for you to see!
Have a lovely monday

20 weeks and 3 days

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