Monday, May 13, 2013

20 week scan pics

So here he/she is! Grown so much since the last scan.
Apparently I still have to go for a fatal assessment in 3 weeks to do a proper check. So more pics then too. We are all on track and still text book healthy. My weight is as it should be and baba is growing perfectly. We got to hear the heart beat which is pretty amazing and saw him/her yawn which was super cute! We weren't able to get a good 3D pic because baby didn't want his/her photo taken. The doctor didn't take a full body picture either as he was worried we would be able to see "something down there"  if there was anything and as we don't want to know the sex until birth, so we had to avoid that area. hahahaha

So here is the little jelly bean. Its about the length of a banana, so pretty big already. xxx

Got a cute nose! 

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