Friday, May 3, 2013

19 weeks!

Wowsa 19 weeks already. Its going to fast.
I had the best birthday celebrating my friends Gosia and Gregs wedding, and I ate SO much. And not all good for me, sorry baby. But it was delicious....chocolate, cheese a sneaky glass of wine AND coffee....back on track now I promise.

And the cool thing is, I can feel the little pup moving now. He/she has started to make itself known. Normally in the morning, around lunch time and in the evening when I am parked on the couch I can feel it. Ricky can't feel yet as its still set too far back (my bump is still not very prominent dispute what the picture shows), but in the next few weeks I am sure he will be able too.

So here is pic of bump week 19. Lots of love xxx
19 weeks

The size of a small mango

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