Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hi all,

Sorry been a bit slack on the blog front. Work has been hectic in a good way, so haven't had much extra time and when I do have extra time, I sleep! hahaha
SO last Friday (Easter Friday) we reached 14 weeks. YAY, apparently this means I am over the worst of the tiredness (until the last few months) and the nausea (which does seem to have vanished! It also marks the end of one third of the journey. It all started off so slowly, but I can't believe we are 1 3rd in already.
We had a nice lazy, long weekend, with lots of reading sleep, friends and family. We went to Nana and Grandpa Hardiman's (heehee) house on Monday for breakfast which was great and I took a pic of our Easter egg and a lemon which is the size of baby at the moment (The lemon not the Easter egg).
It has been raining a lot so me thinks Winter has made its appearance.

Oh and my friend Sian, who is in the picture with me in the other post a few below, had her little boy on Easter Sunday! He was born naturally after only 4 hours. He is still nameless as they wanted to meet him first before they named him which is a nice idea. I haven't met him yet, but they only stayed in the hospital for one night! And Mama was at Yoga again on Monday....shes a machine!

So tomorrow we reach 15 weeks, so I will update a belly pic this weekend so you can see how he/she is growing. We are going away with friends for the weekend - so no doubt more sleep and more food. I love it!

Love to you all, oh and Nanna Lawrence is walking the Great Wall of China this week (or some of it at least) So hope its going well and that you are enjoying your travels.


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