Monday, March 25, 2013

Today we went to the doctor for our 13 week scan. This is the one were they check to see if there is any risk of Downs Syndrome. They take a scan and check the spine and the neck and also the bridge of the nose to see if the bone has formed. Typically our kid didn't want his/her photo taken today, so we could only get the back of the head! But they do blood tests too, so they will still be able to check everything out. They will let us know within a week if there are any issues, but if we don't hear from them, then all is good.

The doc said I am text book healthy and in the right place at the moment. I have only put on 1 kilo in the last month! (yay) and he says if I continue to look after myself, I should not gain more than 13 kilos....(sounds SO much) He gave me a few exercises to help me keep my stomach muscles strong, and said I can keep walking and doing pilates too. I may be fitter than ever if I keep this up!

We Like the doc, but I am going to meet with a Midwife next month too, just to check out my options. Apparently they have a much more holistic approach to the whole procedure and really help you through out the birth as apposed to leaving the golf course when they get the call and being there at the last minute. So we wills see. Either way I am going to have the baba as naturally as naturally as nature allows.

SO here is baby Lawdiman scan 2. As I mentioned he/she was not up for photos today, so we didn't get to see the face, but you can see the elbow and arm and then the back of the head and spine. It has a little boep, so we recon it takes after Ricky hahaha. We also got to hear the heart beat and watch it move around. Its very active (another sign its Rickys baba).

Love to everyone from all of us.
Back of head, elbow, back and tummy

Head and body and feet

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